Eitan Stern - President
  • 25 years of result-oriented experience in high level managerial positions both in and out of the US.
  • Managerial expertise in finance, operations, supply chain, investment banking, strategic planning and business development.
  • Proven track record in manufacturing companies, holding companies, startups, and established companies.
  • Vast consulting experience.
Eitan Stern’s experience includes the following fields:
  • Eitan Stern & Associates - Consulting for Israeli companies starting US operations, managing Post Merger Integration between a foreign company and its US subsidiary (2008 –present).
  • National Consultants (subsidiary of Bank Leumi) – VP (1989-1997).
  • Economic Models – Consultant (1986-1987).
Industry & Manufacturing:
  • AFG Wipes inc – CFO and VP for IT and procurement (2004-2009).
  • Strauss – Elite group – CFO and Director for strategic planning and business development (1997-2004).
  • Israeli Aviation Industry – director for budget and control (1982-1985).
Banking and Finance:
  • Nasua-Zanex securities – Board member (2003-2004).
  • Bank Discount (1981-1982).