The Challenges
Foreign companies, which invest in the US, often face unpredicted difficulties.
These problems can stem from:
  • Lack of knowledge about the business environment in the US;
  • Differences in business cultures;
  • Inexperience with global management and control;
  • Lack of networking and base of local suppliers;
  • Difficulties in recruiting key employees and managers;
  • Faulty flow of information between parent company and its US entity;
When your company decides to establish a facility in the US:
  • How do you gather information about the business environment?
  • How do you choose a location?
  • How do you avoid unpredicted surprises?
  • How do you interview and recruit the right managers/workers?
  • How do you overcome differences in business cultures?
  • How do you enable the new facility to benefit from your long successful history?
  • How do you save years of losses in your early activity in the US?
  • How do you increase your chances to succeed?
Use our successful international and US experience to reduce the time your business reaches profitability and enhance future success